God. Abba. Father.

We thank you for forgiveness today, Lord. Your word says we all get to rejoice because our transgressions, our sins, are wiped away. You hold nothing against us when we stopped hiding from you.

Before we opened our hearts to you, our bodies were exhausted and weak. Night and day our guilt consumed us and sapped the strength from our very bones. But once we acknowledged our failures, the pressure was gone. We thank you for the relief and joy we have found in your grace. Our guilt dissolved; our sin disappeared.

We worship you, Lord! You are our strong and mighty foundation. When the devastation of sin threatens to sink us, we won’t be swept away. You are our hiding place. You keep danger at bay. You surround us with songs of joy and praise and deliverance! Thank you for agreeing to teach us and to lead us. We are humbled, oh God, that you want us to be your students. Thank you for keeping your loving eye always on us.

We celebrate and sing together. You are good to your people. We trust you and thank you for shielding us with kindness and surrounding us with your unfailing love.

And, of course Lord, we thank you because forgiveness doesn’t happen today without the grace of Jesus, in whose name we pray.


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