Psalm 140

God. Abba. Father.

Thank you for rescuing us! There are people in this world who are cruel to us. They intentionally stir up trouble, thinking of ways to bring us down. They hate with ease. They are arrogant. The words they speak are like venom. Keep us safe from those who are truly wicked. Forgive us when we act or ramble as they do.

You are strong and mighty. God, you are the giver of life. You have defeated death, so we know you will overthrow those who trade in destruction and planning evil. Hear our prayer. We know you are the One True God. You are merciful and full of great compassion. You are our deliverer. Thank you for answering us when we cry out to you.

Don’t let the corrupt succeed. Some days, it seems like they are at the top and running everything. Please, don’t let their plans prevail. Let them get tangled up in their own deceit and mischief.

We believe in justice, your justice. When we ask you to care for the fatherless, let us be part of the solution. When we ask you to care for the poor and destitute, let our hands bring comfort. May our actions point to you, our great King.

We are humbled that you look after us. We are called good, only because of your grace given to us. We praise you and thank you for Jesus. It is not our works that allow us to be in your presence, but it is his compassion for us. You have redeemed us with us an outstretched arm. Jesus’ arms on the cross.

We love you and praise you.

Thank you.

Because of Jesus.


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