Psalm 132

God. Abba. Father.

We thank you for promises kept. King David made many promises. He was faithful to keep most of them. But like all of us, he stumbled, failed, schemed, and hid. Forgive us when we veer from your prescribed path. Forgive us when we sin.

Thank you for the wonderful gift of grace at the hand of Jesus!

Thank you for keeping your promises to all of us, God. Yes, Jesus is the living King of Israel. You have kept that promise made to David that one of his sons would remain on the worldly throne. You have blessed all of us. You have provided for our daily food, shelter, and clothing. We are all victorious! And for all who bow before you, a jeweled and glistening crown awaits us in glory.

Thank you for keeping your promises to us.

You never leave us. You are as close to us as a whispered prayer.

You are faithful. You guard us and guide us.

You are our protector. We will never be defeated.

You have given us life, and life to the full. Eternal life begins again with each new dawn.

You will always comfort us. Even when we are overwhelmed or feel oppressive grief or heartache. 

You have redeemed us with the outstretched arms of our Messiah, Jesus. You have healed the broken-hearted. You have given us eyes to see your glory and your truth. You have set us free.

Thank you for these and many more promises kept. We can trust you. We do trust you. We sing for joy!

Because of Jesus.


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