Psalm 119–14, Nun

Fish or Life, verses 105-112

Psalm 119 is broken down into 22 different sections, one for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Included in each day’s prayer is a common meaning of the letter, and the verses connected with that section.


God. Abba. Father.

Thank you for the light of life that guides our path in this dark world. Your word lights the way for us to go. No matter what trouble we may get into, thank you that your light is always brighter than any darkness. Even when everything appears to be falling apart, your word gives us the directions on how we might be put back together by your grace. We are committed to following where you lead, Lord.

We will always praise you. Teach us your holy ways. Those who oppose you, and oppose us, seem to always be on our backs. May your Holy Spirit keep us always on track. Your word gives us life. Your word is our treasure. Your word is our joy!

Every step we take, we will follow. Even if we are afraid. We will trust you. We will trust the light. We will trust your word.

Jesus says he is the light, our light, who shines in the darkness. He is our life.

We trust you, Jesus.


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