God. Abba. Father.

Today we proclaim the love we have for you because you turned your ear to us. You heard our prayers. Thank you for the assurance that you, the God of the universe, care so deeply for us that you listen to all of us when we pray.

Even when we were near death, when pain emanated from our hearts, we cried out to you, earnestly seeking relief from the anguish. You are so gracious, so compassionate, so kind. You make all things right, Abba. You saved us when we were completely helpless. We need not worry, ever. For you have shown us your great grace time and time again. Thank you.

Deep in our spirits, we can rest. Our eyes are freed from tears. You have kept our feet from stumbling. We can walk in the land of the living. You are so good to us, God. We trust you. Even if we can’t trust another human soul, we can always trust you.

How do we repay you for all your many blessings? We can’t. We will praise you. We will give offerings to you because you have saved us. We will obey you and do all we can to keep our promises to you.

Thank you for welcoming those who pass from this life into your eternal kingdom. To you, the death of one of your chosen ones is beautiful. And indeed it is, for we too will be greeted with care when it is our time.

We worship you as a part of a legacy of faith. We thank you for freeing us from the chains of death and sin through the sacrifice of your Son, Jesus. We are overwhelmed with gratitude and humbled by your compassion and grace. When your people gather, we will offer praise!

In Jesus’ name.


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