God. Abba. Father.

We praise you! Today we thank you that we can run to you when our enemies attack. Even when others spread lies and speak maliciously against us, we can trust in your unfailing love. You are the just judge. You know what is truth.

We look to heaven and we ask you, Father, to check our hearts: “Are we good, you and I?” That is what is most important today. Even when we find ourselves in times where other relationships are fraught with misunderstanding, we bow before you to be reminded that you are in control. Bring peace to hearts where there is angst.

When people speak ill of us, sometimes we begin to believe them. We might wallow in self-pity, wondering if what they have said is true, even when we know it to be false. Sometimes we let the words of others make us feel like we are like insects who crawl in the dust. Forgive us. Forgive those who speak things that are false against us.

Today we declare what we know to be the truth. We are children of the Most High, God! You have great plans for us. You keep your promises. Nothing will ever be able to separate us from your love!

You alone have saved us through the cross of grace. Ultimately your blessing is all we care about. And we will rejoice! Yes, you will make us glad. We trust in the relationship we have with you, the One True God.

And we thank you for Jesus, who makes this relationship between you and us possible.



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