God. Abba. Father.

We shout with joy this morning! Thank you for new days. Thank you for fresh starts. We bring our worship to you, great King! Thank you for putting a song of praise on our lips.

You are God. You are not just a feeling. You are not just some ancient theology. You are alive! You are the One True God. You have always been. Even before time began, you were. And now you are. You formed us. We belong to you. You made us. You have watched over us every day of our lives. You are the only One that can make sense of our world today. We open our hands and ask you to lead us. Guide us. Give us wisdom. Protect us. Take care of us, like a shepherd takes care of his lambs.

Wherever and whenever we worship you, we lift our heads with great gratitude. Yes, we are thankful! You are everything that is right and beautiful. You are generous and gracious. You are love and faithfulness. You are peace and grace. You are forgiveness and comfort. You are joy and patience.

You always have been. And you always will be. We humbly thank you and proclaim our love to you today.

We praise you!

In Jesus’ name.


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