God. Abba. Father.

You are our great King. You are crowned with a crown that includes the world and all that is in it. Your robes flow from north to south. You are the master, the creator. You are strength. You put the world in its place. It will never be shaken.

Because of your great love for us, for your children, we too will never be shaken. Even though the mighty oceans roar. Even though the tempest of the seas stirs. Even when we face our own storms, you speak the words “Peace. Be still.” and they listen. Yes, even in our personal turmoil, when the waves of our circumstances crash down around us, your calm is close at hand because the storms obey your words.

We praise you because you are our perfect peace. You are holy. Now into eternity, which has no end.

Thank you!

By the word of Jesus.


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