God. Abba. Father.

You are magnificent and it is a joy to praise you this morning and this evening! Day after day we proclaim that you are love and you are faithful. So, we sing to you today! Indeed, everything you do makes us happy. We delight in the work of your hands. Thank you for using people around the globe to deliver your grace and your love.

Those who do not know you do not know of your great kindness. That is tragic. Those who turn their backs on you will ultimately be destroyed, ruined, like dust in the wind.

Yet, we thank you that we can count on you to strengthen us, even when we feel weak or defeated. We can be courageous through our faith and by your strong hand. You, Lord, are exalted forever. Yes, we will flourish, we will prosper like tall and mighty trees that offer shade to the weary and fruit to the hungry. Yes, we will be healthy in our old age. As we stay connected to you, by your hand and through your grace, we will produce fruit that will last for all eternity. Let us be reminded that apart from you, we can do nothing.

We will proclaim that you, mighty God, are our rock, our firm foundation. You always do right.

We praise your name. Even the name of Jesus.


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