God. Abba. Father.

There are some seasons when we identify with the psalmist, and we wonder where you are or why our prayers have not been answered. We thank you for times in the past when you were quick to speak or act. We praise you for times when you defeated those things that had defeated us. You showed your righteousness to us, or to our ancestors. You demonstrated your great love to us for your glory.

Yes, you are our King! You are the victorious One! We are always grateful.

And yet, there are seasons… So, we ask that you give us the confidence to wait in the silence. We trust completely in your unfailing love and plan for our lives. Come, Lord Jesus! Deliver us. Don’t let others mock us because of you. Yet, if they do, let us remain strong and courageous.

We lift our hands to you. We trust only in you. Even if we face death for our beliefs, we know you will redeem us. You have liberated us, by your mighty right hand, by Jesus, through his suffering and through his grace. We are saved.

Just because you loved us first. And we thank you and praise you! Always.

In Jesus’ name.


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