God. Abba. Father.

Today we thirst for you. As a deer in the wilderness of the Negev, we search for springs of living water in which to drink. Yet we find none. No, all we taste are our own tears. And our friends ask: “Where is your God?”

We remember sweet times of worship, of being in your presence. On our knees and with hands lifted high. Oh, how joyous!

But today, Lord, is a downcast day. We have them from time to time, just as the psalmist did. Yet, even when we are discouraged, we reach deep into our souls and find a little trust, a little hope, a memory of joy. So, we will praise you! We know you will put a smile on our face yet. We know that we will be overwhelmed with the answers to our prayers. We look forward to your promises being revealed as if a breaking surf drenches us with your unfailing love.

Every day you are kind. Your love is generous. As we fall asleep each night, you put a song on our lips, a song of life.

Yet, there are days when we wonder where you went or why you left us? We ache from the inside out. But today is not one of those days. No, today, even in discouragement or sadness, we will trust you. You have shown us your love over and over and over again. So, we will praise you and your holy name.

You have put a smile on our faces! You are our God, the mighty rock! You are the Holy Spirit who brings comfort and joy. You are Jesus, the author of grace and peace.

And, it is in His name we pray,


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