God Abba. Father.

We have waited patiently for you. And you have turned your ear to us! You have heard our prayer. You have lifted us from a lonely, desperate place. Yes, we praise you today because you have given us standing in your Kingdom. We are secure in our position with you, with our feet firmly planted on the solid rock whose name is Everlasting Counselor and Prince of Peace. You have given us words to proclaim and music to sing! We honor your everlasting name today. You are Yahweh, the great I Am, the One True God. Praise and glory are yours and yours alone!

Thank you for blessing any and all who put their trust in you! Many are the wonders you have done. Nothing, certainly no idol made by man, compares to you. Thank you for being pleased with our obedience more than sacrifices of our time or our money or our service. Yes, we enjoy following your commands, for we know they are for our good.

We proclaim to any who will listen that you are kind, faithful, and caring. By your grace, you have saved us. You never fail. Your love always keeps us safe.

We confess that our actions often get us into trouble and our actions cause harm to others and ourselves. When our hearts fail, please intervene. Come quickly. We need you. Please show us you care. May all who seek you, find you and proclaim your greatness.

In Jesus’ name.


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