Psalm 137

God. Abba. Father.

There are seasons when we walk in great pain. When others have hurt us with both words and actions. And all we do is weep.

May we remember our sorrow as a time of your comforting presence, for you are always with us. When friends or family have passed away, may we recall that you mourn with us. When we have been attacked, or we carry the burden of a loved one who has faced challenging times, may we be assured that you have also suffered greatly. You urge us to recover our lives with you, to allow you to carry our burdens, to find rest in your loving arms of grace. Your perfect peace is as close as our next breath.

You are the great I Am. You are the One True God. You are the holy judge. Give us the confidence to believe you will sort out the evil from the righteous. Your design is that we will all walk with you forever. Yet there are some who turn their backs on your mercy. May you deal with them as you see fit. We will trust your scales of justice.

We pray for peace to prevail in Jerusalem. We pray for our children and our children’s children. May your blessing be upon them all.

We thank you for your grace and forgiveness, for we deserve neither. We love you, Lord.

We thank you for Jesus.

In His name.


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