Psalm 135

God. Abba. Father.

We worship you and praise your name today. We invite all who serve you in homes, in markets, in schools, in hospitals, in governments, in businesses, in fields, in cities, in ministries, and in houses of worship to join the crowds who bow before you. You have chosen us, your children, to be your very own people.

You are the One True God. You are greater than any other. You move as you see fit. You control nature and the weather. You bring spring rains and autumn frosts. From the first act of creation, speaking to establish the heavens and the earth, to today, you are the all-powerful. You are mighty and answerable to no one. You moved governments and people in the ancient days so that your will would be done. Your amazing miracles, signs, and wonders delivered your children from evil.

Do it again, Lord. In your perfect timing, bring your Kingdom to earth as it is in heaven. Your name is eternal. You were in the beginning, you are here today, you will always be. Thank you for your kind and gentle compassion towards us. You hold our hands. You guide us. Every single day. Thank you!

Forgive us when we worship things above you. Those idols have no life. They offer no hope. They are just stuff. You are spirit and you are life. You are love and you are light. You are bread from heaven and living water. You are all powerful and you are holy. You are truth and you are justice. You are infinite and you are eternal. You are love and you are joy. We trust you. We worship you.

We sing hallelujah! We praise you!

Because of Jesus.


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