Psalm 121

God. Abba. Father.

When we see nothing but obstacles in our path, let us remember that our strength comes from you. We will not be dismayed by hardships. We will not be frightened by trials. We will take courage from you, our maker, our guardian, our protector. You are the One True God. You are our Lord.

Thank you for being with us every step we take. You never sleep. You are always on watch. When our trust is in you to lead, when we are carefully following, we will not fall, we will not trip, we will not stumble. Our footing is assured and steady when you are showing us the way. You provide just the right amount of help. No matter the time of day, or even the place. You are our guide, like chevrons on trees in the woods. You are our shelter, like an umbrella during a spring rain. We find respite in your presence. We find peace in your leadership.

Thank you for protecting us. Thank you for guarding us. Thank you for being our shepherd, our navigator, our advisor, our faithful friend, and our Savior. You have promised to watch over us, now and in the age to come. We are humbled by your care and your love.

Thank you.

In Jesus’ name.


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